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Family Stories

Absolutely Amazing set of counselors that actually listen to your needs. I will keep coming back. Thanks guys!

Kindra Smith
Care Recipient

My family has experienced so much healing during the process of working with this team. Our family is literally brand new.

Hope Davis
Care Recipient

I can't thank hope For Tomorrow Counseling enough for their grace and kindness as my family was strengthened through this trying time.

The Jacksons

A young engaged couple sought brief therapy to gain psychoeducation regarding the woman’s trauma history. The woman’s conditioning causes intense fear and feelings of inferiority inside the male’s large and emotionally engaged family. The soon to be husband gained better understanding of his fiance’s hurts and the fiance “felt so much lighter” with the help she received in communicating her reality.

I have been working with this client for one year. She had a pretty extensive history of neglect and abuse within her family. When I first met her, she was in foster care and was very resistant to therapy. In our first session, she stated that "therapists just want to pull information from me." Through slowly building a relationship with her and the consistency of her foster parents, her walls started to come down. We have a great relationship. She now willingly comes into my office sharing her thoughts and feelings, as well as at home with her foster family. Each time I meet with her, I am encouraged by her transformation. As a counselor, you don't always get to see the change, especially with children, but it's been an honor to witness even small changes in her life.

I met with a male client following the death of a close relative. The client was known for not opening up to anyone regarding his feelings. After building rapport with the client, he was able to grieve the loss of his loved one. We went over the various stages of grief and reflected on how this loss would affect his future endeavors. Instead of solely dwelling on the pain of the loss, the client was able to find hope in honoring his loved one by the choices that he chooses to make in his future. While the client continues to grieve this loss, he has found ways in which to cope in healthy ways and has been able to connect more with his family members by sharing his feelings with them.

A middle aged mom was referred by DSS after having her two daughters removed from her home. There were issues with inappropriate discipline as well as splitting of the parents against each other. Through processing mom's past trauma and providing education and insight, mom and dad were reunited with their daughters in under 6 months. A middle aged mom was referred by DSS after having her two daughters removed from her home. There were issues with inappropriate discipline as well as splitting of the parents against each other. Through processing mom's past trauma and providing education and insight, mom and dad were reunited with their daughters in under 6 months.

My client is a mom of three who was struggling in balancing work/home life balance. Her place of employment was an unhealthy atmosphere and the client continued patterns of passivity which caused increased stress and anxiety. Through counseling, the client was able to establish appropriate boundaries at work and maintain a healthy work life balance. This in turn helped her to be a more attentive and present mom/spouse when she was at home. So much so that her husband and her child verbally stated that they could see the change in their mom.

I have been seeing a middle aged female for over a year. She originally came to counseling after quitting meth. She would easily become angry and get into verbal and physical fights with others. Since then, she has learned more healthy communication skills, when/where to set up appropriate boundaries, and has not returned to using meth. She has relied on healthy coping skills and appropriate resources to maintain sobriety.

My elementary school aged male client has been struggling with very low self-esteem. He consistently tells himself that he is "stupid", "dumb", "an idiot", and "a failure". Additionally, he struggles with his anger management and struggles with his relationship with his parents. After working with the client and his parents, the client has begun to recognize that he is not "stupid" or "dumb" but that it is normal for him to make mistakes. Mom has been learning more about parenting using TBRI principles which have helped them to have a deeper connection and trust with one another.

A young first-time mother was experiencing postpartum depression when she came to me for help. She felt ashamed for the feelings she was having toward her baby and felt a great disconnect with her newborn. Many months later and a lot of hard work on her part, mom is excited about raising her toddler. She feels more confident as a mother and more connected to that precious life. She continues to see me in therapy to work on depressive symptoms as they come and go but she is committed to being healthy and making good choices.

A mother, wife, and education professional began therapy services with me to address the stress she was having in the COVID-19 pandemic school environment. Virtual schedules, hybrid schedules and the like were really starting to take a toll on her. She began to turn to alcohol to help with the stress and her use of alcohol got out of hand as she was binging each weekend. It made her feel like a bad mother and wife but also impacted her ability to cope with the situation at hand. Throughout therapy, she began to decrease her alcohol consumption and really take a hard look at her relationships. She is making better choices for herself and met her treatment goals to both our satisfaction.

An elementary school aged male, who had been in foster care for over 2 years and in residential care, was placed back with his single mom. They were told that if this placement was not successful he would return to foster care and be there until 18. With a history of extreme volatile and aggressive behavior, he and his mom have worked hard to develop new thought and behavior patterns. In individual and family therapy, they have identified their strengths and have healed from past trauma. He now uses grounding and mindfulness to self regulate rather than depending on others to manage and regulate his behavior and communication. He has said "'I’m in charge of me now," and mom has learned to set expectations, hold him accountable and to nurture him appropriately. This child and family have been protected and preserved as a family unit. To God be the Glory!

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