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10 Ways to Show You Care in 10 Minutes or Less

by: Amanda Kirk, MS.

With so much vying for our time and attention, we often forget to intentionally show those closest to us how much we love and appreciate them. And, it can feel overwhelming to find a way to adequately express our love when we see grand and creative gestures displayed on social media (don’t even get me started, Pinterest!) But could there possibly be an easier (and faster!) way that just might be even MORE meaningful?

I would submit that often, the most meaningful expressions of love aren’t those grand gestures that happen only rarely; rather, the daily living alongside each other – intentional words and actions – can make the most impact to help our loved ones feel loved and cherished on a regular basis.

See below for 10 ways to start showing your love TODAY!

  1. Write a note and leave it where they will find it, such as the dashboard of their car, refrigerator handle, or bathroom mirror. Include a sentence or two about what you love about them or hope for them that day.
  2. Buy a favorite snack or treat next time you grocery shop and leave it on the counter with a smiley face drawn on the packaging.
  3. Send an unexpected text during the day just to check in and say “I love you!”
  4. Ask, “What can I do to help make your day easier/more relaxing/more enjoyable?” Then do it! Often something as simple as taking out the trash, or making the bed if you are the last to get up, will be super meaningful!
  5. As you walk by, stop and lean in for a hug and a kiss.
  6. Sit down with no distractions – no tv, no phone – and ask about each other’s day. Really listen and respond to what they say, then share about yours. Allow time for them to respond as well.
  7. Take an after dinner stroll together. Again, leave the distractions at home.
  8. When sitting together watching tv, in church, or at the movies, reach over and grab your loved one’s hand or put your arm around them.
  9. Similarly to #4, take on one of your loved one’s least favorite chores or errands. This time, just do it proactively, without even asking. Just let them know you took care of it – with a wink and a smile.
  10. Pay attention to what your loved one likes. Been eyeing that shirt or gadget at their favorite store? Been mentioning wanting a pedicure? Surprise them with the item or a gift card and appointment!

So there you have it! Try some of these suggestions with your loved ones and see which resonates the most with them! My favorite thing about this list is that they can be tailored from significant others to kids, parents, and friends!

Any other quick ideas for showing your love? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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